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Shopping / Victoria Albert

I've been a bit quiet lately, because I've been too busy wandering around London to blog. I spent yesterday wandering around and doing some shopping. (It appears that Ben Sherman shirts are actually cheaper in Melbourne than here, as I found to my dismay; though at least here you can find a good range of Radiohead/W.A.S.T.E. T-shirts in shops.)

Today, however, I spent much of the day wandering around the Victoria & Albert Museum. It really is a fantastic place; it has huge warrens of rooms full of all sorts of objects and artefacts; from the personal effects of 16th-century people to machines made in the Renaissance (some of which look surprisingly modern), to designer plastic radios from the 1970s to huge statues, along with insights into the worlds from which these artefacts came.

Luckily the weather is looking up somewhat, as from tomorrow I'll be travelling around a bit.

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Posted by: Ben Fri Nov 8 05:56:26 2002

I recently read the sublime "The Island of Lost Maps". Any chance you could stuff some of those 16th century manuscripts down the old trouser leg and post them over to me? I'll split the profit with you 50/50 (minus expenses of course).

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