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Aberystwyth 2

fragment of castle ruins I never did end up making it to Machynlleth; as I was making my way to the 13:35 train, I remembered that I hadn't visited the record shop (which Jim had recommended), and so I went to check it out. (I ended up buying 4 CDs there.) Then I caught the next train out, which was meant to be 2 hours later, but was about 15 minutes late on top of that. Britain's railway network, it seems, has seen better days. Anyway, I'm back in London, for now anyway.

(I also managed to score a short-sleeved Ben Sherman shirt which was marked down to £18 at a local clothing shop. That's one of the advantages of visiting from the other hemisphere, where it is short-sleeve weather.)

Aberystwyth seen from Constitution Hill Anyway, I rather liked Aberystwyth. It's a rather charming combination of Victorian seaside resort (smack bang in the middle of the Welsh riviera), rural Celtic village and happening university town. The weather also seemed quite mild there too; I'm told that because of Aberystwyth's location, it usually is.

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Posted by: Chris http:// Thu Nov 7 01:39:56 2002

You ought to read Niall Griffith's _Grits_ and _Sheepshaggers_. I picked up the latter on my way out of Dublin in 2002 and I've read them both three times since. It might give you a different view of Aberystwyth.

Posted by: Jim Thu Nov 7 09:24:38 2002

Well, an exaggeratedly bad one, yes. There's also "Aberystwyth Mon Amour", which is a surreal noir comedy set in Aber, which is highly recommended.

Posted by: Ben Fri Nov 8 05:52:57 2002

Here is a passage I found this morning I thought you might appreciate: . " University was Picadilly. There I began to study the great science which still occupies me." . "What science do you mean?" . "The science of the great city; the physiology of London; literally and metaphysically the greatest subject that the mind of man can conceive...Paris a man may get to understand thoroughly after a reasonable period of study, but London is always a mystery." . From The Innermost Light by Machen.

Posted by: marc Mon Nov 11 09:17:56 2002

Re Niall Griffiths...

I lived in the area between 1987 and 1996, and Niall's books don't exaggerate; I used to go to some of those parties, and drink in those pubs. The books are somewhat dramatised but realistic depictions from a particular perspective.

(I should also declare an interest: NG is an old friend...)


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