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The Charm Offensive

2/3 of The Charm Offensive Last night, I went up to a small pub/venue named the Betsey Trotwood, in Farringdon Rd., EC1R, to see a band named The Charm Offensive. I found out about them a week ago, when Nicola (the vocalist) was handing out flyers at Bowlie Nite, and decided to go and see them. I was quite impressed. The band consisted of two guys with guitars (one acoustic and one electric), a female vocalist and a minidisc player with the obligatory drum tracks. Their sound was sort of sweet Sarah Records-esque indie-pop, of the sort you don't hear much of these days; jangly acoustic chords and quiet boy-girl harmonies and such. They sounded a little like Blueboy, or perhaps Even As We Speak. I hope we hear more from The Charm Offensive.

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Posted by: russell http:// Mon Nov 18 14:05:51 2002

good photo. Did you get The Wicker Man?

Posted by: jimcharmer http:// Mon Nov 18 15:08:15 2002

thanks for your kind words, mr site WILL hear more from us, as we are currently in discussions with various promoters re. the next 'wave' of gigs, mostly still based around London/Gtr London area. It is also probable that we will expand into a 5 or 6 piece early next year, thereby negating the minidisc backing. But, initially, we will shortly announce next dates, where we can give debuts to new songs, such as 'The Tubeway Army (are on the M25)' and 'Hey Valerie', along with established favs such as 'Ideal Home Exhibitionists' and 'Just like Bob and Terry' Shameless plugs...sorry.

Good site, by the way, and also very interesting to read an 'alternative' foreign view of Britain's nooks, crannies and cooks and grannies...

Posted by: acb Wed Nov 20 08:07:11 2002

Cool. Any chance of an album/EP? (The 2-track single's lovely, but a bit brief.)

Posted by: acb Wed Nov 20 08:07:31 2002

And yes, I did get The Wicker Man. Haven't watched it yet though.

Posted by: jimcharmer http:// Wed Nov 20 10:39:51 2002

well, there are other tracks done via studio etc, but the two on the official CD are the two that we chose in order to get good gigs, have record company people throw lots of pound coins at us in exchange for gazing off into the middle distance whilst our songs are bastardized, and also so that promotion companies can pay us next to nothing after giving up about 6 hours of our time to play at miniscule venues where the sound system makes you sound like an underwater hedgehog having a panic attack. But, yes, a 'one-off'5/6 track EP could certainly be arranged..


Posted by: charmerchameleon http:// Wed Nov 20 13:23:54 2002

What's The Wicker Man - did I miss something here?

Posted by: james http:// Wed Nov 20 13:40:59 2002

great gig, when you guys become a six piece, will there be room in the line-up for bagpipes? Ain't nothin' more charmin than that...Keep the scene alive!!!!

Posted by: jimcharmer http:// Thu Nov 21 12:26:20 2002

my understanding is, that its incredibly rude to produce an album, or indeed play a gig WITHOUT the addition of bagpipes....that may be my Scottish roots coming through though, and the other members may well disagree with me - I'll try and raise the point at tonight's : 'Yeah, bring that wheelbarrow full of Cocaine and Ferrero Rocher through will you Horatio - and, while you're there, what d'ya reckon about Bagpipes?.. Sod it, more whores please! And Quail's eggs! With silicone enhanced DNA juice!! Now!!

Posted by: russell http:// Fri Nov 29 14:31:08 2002

The Wicker Man is a low-budget, but high-quality film, set off the north coast of scotland. It stars Edward Woodward, who later became E-war-woo-war in The Equaliser. The only difference is that former is great and the latter is shit.

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