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CDs picked up in the UK (1)

A brief review of a few of the CDs I picked up in the UK (well, the ones I've had a chance to at least partially digest), in alphabetical order by artist:

There are 2 comments on "CDs picked up in the UK (1)":

Posted by: Graham Sun Nov 24 04:31:14 2002

Hmm, and _Buzzle Bee_ has Mary Hansen. Like I thought, Stereolab without the guts. At least it confirmed my curiousity about what Stereolab might sound like with a bloke singing the "bah bah bah" parts.

Come Clean's the only Curve album I've got, which might explain why I'm not so hot about them.

Posted by: mp3nis Wed Apr 23 07:15:59 2003

Will To Power is a Miama area studio outfit, and Bob Rosenberg is alive and well in Florida where he's still recording and working with other dance/pop artists. Ironically, he just ordered a Will To Power CD from me on

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