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Crikey on Greens

The pundits at Crikey analyse the Greens' chances in the upcoming election. Their analysis treads a middle ground between the ebullient optimism of Green supporters and the peremptory dismissals of traditional political commentators.

(I'm not sure I'd categorise the Greens as "radical left"; they're not rabid Trotskyites or neo-barbarians, and indeed seem less inclined towards totalitarianism than the Democrats (who at times leaned towards Scandinavian-style social engineering and similar ideologies). And is wanting decent public transport and an emphasis on renewable energy really an extremist position?) (via Graham)

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Posted by: richard Wed Nov 27 21:19:05 2002

I've almost given up on Crikey this election - he's being so much a Liberal fanboy that it's almost painful. Find an article that's negative about the Libs. Go on. And I don't mean the occasional positive piece by Hillary. I mean a _negative_ piece about the Libs. Nothing lately that I can see... and it's not like there's a dearth of stuff to talk about.

Posted by: gjw Thu Nov 28 00:32:05 2002

I've noticed the same thing; 6 months ago Crikey came across as a very fair site - picking on every party equally. Now days it just seems like one big progressive-bashing session; the only concession to leftie ideals lately has been the lashing out towards gun maniacs.

The Greens are a bit radical in that some of their policies require a fairly big shift in paradigms, but they always mean well.

Posted by: richard Thu Nov 28 00:35:21 2002

True, I guess that's a fair use of radical. Actually, now that I think about it, our local (Mitcham) candidate's platform of not supporting the Mitcham (nee Scoresby) freeway is pretty damned radical in an electorate where the majority of voters are single-issue (freeway).

Posted by: Tal http:// Thu Nov 28 16:08:18 2002

Green is void of Political Spectrum (thank god). POlitics sucks. And I studied Pol Sci for 3 years.