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Spy chic

What does an intelligence agency do to improve its public image? Germany's federal intelligence service, the BND, is opening a shop selling clothing and merchandise bearing its logo. As well as the usual T-shirts and calendars, the merchandise includes underwear bearing inscriptions such as Verschlusssache ("Classified") and Streng Geheim ("Top Secret"), as well as the agency's logo.

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Posted by: gjw Sat Nov 30 08:31:30 2002

I always thought it was great when Caterpillar tractors moved into the fashion industry, producing bold, yellow T-shirts with the company logo on them.

Posted by: acb Sat Nov 30 15:01:23 2002

And then there's Lambretta, or rather the English clothing firm that licensed the scooter-maker's logo. Their clothing is not bad, though they do lay on the red-and-blue-target motif rather heavily. Stewart Anderson (of Boyracer/555 Recordings) is one well-known Lambretta customer.

I picked up a Lambretta jacket whilst in London.

Posted by: Graham Sun Dec 1 12:47:21 2002

I've got a CAT cap. Because, being a rural, I just had to have one.