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When street theatre goes bad

This is what happens when street theatre goes bad: Radical-leftist fruitloop Andrew McCrae decided to protest police brutality, corporate irresponsibility and "police-state tactics", so he did the most logical thing, and shot and killed a police officer as he was refuelling his car in California. Prior to doing this, he registered himself as a corporation, giving himself immunity from prosecution, or at least turning the inevitable trial into a dramatisation of corporate excesses. Ooh, clever move, that. Afterwards, he posted a rant on IndyMedia, confessing to the murder and justifying it as a political statement. Soon afterwards, the police cornered him at a hotel, from which he tried to deliver a "Declaration of Renewed Independence" to a journalist.

Not surprisingly, the authorities (and indeed a lot of the posters on IndyMedia) are being pigheadedly literal-minded and refusing to view this as just a piece of street theatre.

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Posted by: acb Thu Dec 5 16:31:41 2002

Another anarchist hero of the people for you, Lev?

Posted by: Ben Mon Dec 9 07:33:32 2002

Yes, a true hero of the people. Reminds me of one guy in the TVA actually....

Posted by: acb Mon Dec 9 07:53:28 2002

That Cuff/Mallinson nutter?