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Nifty MacOS X program of the day: iTerm, a better replacement for Terminal, featuring Mozilla-style tabs. (via bOING bOING)

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Posted by: cos Mon Dec 16 21:53:24 2002

yeah. KDE's had it in their terminal for ages - it's vaguely handy, but nothing like Screen.

Posted by: acb Tue Dec 17 00:15:40 2002

I use screen; for one, if I lose the connection, I can resume it. As for KDE, it's a bit too newbieish and Windows 95 for my liking. Though aRts is pretty nifty for extracting audio from applications' output.

What is needed is a way of interfacing screen with the tabs; perhaps have them send ^A 1 or whatever. Though you'd want some sort of channel back to the terminal app.

Posted by: cos Tue Dec 17 09:57:14 2002

Eterm's supposed to have some kind of interface to Screen in the latest release, but I haven't given it much of a go...

...I'm just trying it again - it seems to put tabs along the bottom for each of your 'screens', yeah.