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Conet Project MP3s

You can now download MP3s of the Conet Project (that's the 4CD set of recordings of "numbers stations" from the Cold War). The original set was quite expensive ($150 or so at Synæsthesia, I think) and apparently is now out of print (there are rumours that the FBI/MI5/ASIO/whoever went and bought up all outstanding copies shortly after 9/11); but you can now find what looks like all of it in glorious MP3. Enjoy. (via The Fix)

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Posted by: gjw Tue Dec 17 12:36:24 2002

Don't know if those mp3s are 100% legal, to be honest (guy in MeFi IRC chat gave me the URL) but they're all ID3-tagged with the URL of the record label, so they may be legit.

Posted by: the na http:// Tue Dec 17 21:21:36 2002

i checked this sometime around 9am eastern and now i can not get to the site??? strange considering the nature of the site...

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