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Neil Halstead

A piece about Neil Halstead's gig tomorrow night. The rumours of him playing material from all seven albums of his career (which would include the 3 Slowdive albums) certainly sound exciting. Hope it's not just Dagger (the only Slowdive song Mojave 3 do live). (ta, Cos)

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Posted by: Souvlaki Space Cadet http:// Thu Dec 19 13:49:18 2002

Unlikely. Saw him in Adelaide and he didn't play any Slowdive. What he did play was utterly sublime though. Beautiful stuff. Mojave 3 fans will be in heaven. The lack of Slowdive wasn't an issue.

Posted by: acb Thu Dec 19 14:04:15 2002

I can assure you it would be an issue for me. Slowdive was the band that made me buy a guitar. Compared to Slowdive, Mojave 3 material comes of as bland easy-listening. (And Halstead's solo album sounds like something you'd hear on AM radio in the early 1970s.)

Posted by: Souvlaki Space Cadet http:// Thu Dec 19 22:15:18 2002

In that case I wouldn't bother going. This isn't a Slowdive gig, it's a Neil Halstead solo show. It's him with an acoustic and a selection of harmonicas. And it will be good, damn good if the other show was anything to go by. Mojave 3 are a far better band and Neil a songwriter than you give him credit for there.

Posted by: Graham Fri Dec 20 07:28:19 2002

Why does this remind me of Bob Dylan?