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Smells like Electroclash

This site has (alongside numerous bootleg mixes of top-40 pop tracks) a rather amusing electroclash version of Smells Like Teen Spirit, by someone calling themself Dsico. (The hand-coded JavaScript scrollbar's a bit silly though.) (via Graham)

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Posted by: Reen Fri Jan 10 17:51:53 2003

Arghh. This is just the sort of thing that could doom my attempt at living a copyright-violation-free lifestyle.

Posted by: Peter Sat Jan 11 02:06:56 2003

Dsico has a website at - he's a resident of Sydney who I know quite well, and half of a band called Cindii. He is very good at the bootleg mashup stuff, and does it live with Reaktor - *gnash*

Posted by: Alex http:// Sat Jan 11 04:43:27 2003

Reen, are you ripping entire albums at a time and then selling them for profit? Resist your conditioning. Copyright was meant to protect the artist, not the record label. Where it restricts creative expression it *should* be broken. Fight the power, no justice, no peace, etc. Change your brain mang. (^_^)

Posted by: Graham Sat Jan 11 05:58:33 2003

It's Peter's universe and we're just living in it.

Posted by: Graham Sat Jan 11 12:16:41 2003

Oh yeah, and it's just electro, forget the clash, because it doesn't have daft lyrics about discos, movie stars and the jetsetting lifestyle.

Posted by: acb Sat Jan 11 12:57:21 2003

Fair enough. Though I thought that, strictly speaking, "electroclash" meant being in the genre of house/club/dance music rather than verse-chapter-verse pop. (Not that it conforms there either.)

The Wesley Willis-inspired track I'm doing, with the Amiga speech synth samples, will technically be electroclash then. That's good to know.

Posted by: Graham Sat Jan 11 13:02:29 2003

On the other hand, what the hell is electroclash, anyway?

Posted by: Ben Sat Jan 11 13:02:48 2003

What's your opinion on that new Beatles material the London police have supposedly found about 300 songs of?

Posted by: acb Sun Jan 12 04:59:21 2003

I don't know; how much do you want for them?

Posted by: acb Sun Jan 12 13:28:53 2003

The Dsico site's interesting, though most of his work goes over my head; I get the concepts, but I'm not sufficiently familiar with current R&B and top-40 pop for it to mean much to me.