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CDs acquired this year

I've been unusually disciplined so far this year, with regards to CD buying. I'm trying to keep my habit under some measure of control (for reasons which will become apparent later), and not to grow my collection too rapidly. So far, the total number of CDs I have has only increased by two.

Over the past two weeks I picked up Flunk's For Sleepyheads Only, an OK piece of chill-out electronica from Norway. It hasn't really grabbed me; the version of Blue Monday there, incidentally, is a bit irritating IMHO. (Aside: why is it that every cover of that song ends up sounding disappointing; we had Orgy's whiny mall-goth take on it, Pee Wee Ferris' cheesy commercial-dance cover (don't ask), and Flunk's, while not dire in the way that they were, is still disappointing.)

Last night, I picked up local spoken-word artist Klare Lanson's Every Third Breath; which is mostly ambiguous cyberbabble over glitchy, vaguely Björkish electronic beats and bleeps (proviced by Cornel Wilczek, aka Qua), replete with lyrics written in cod-XML. It's technically quite good, though whether it'll have lasting appeal remains to be determined.

Today I went to Dixon's Recycled and picked up three more CDs, though sold three which I wasn't likely to listen to anymore. One of my new acquisitions were plunderphonic art piece Deconstructing Beck (on a classy unprinted CD that just screams "copyright violation"). Another was an equally (if not more) choice find; one of the Least Essential Albums Of The '90s. That's right, dear readers; I'm now the proud (but only in an ironic sense) owner of The Adventures Of MC Skat Kat & The Stray Mob. It'll sit proudly in the bulldada section of my record collection, next to Acid Brass, my Wesley Willis CDs and Spaced Out: The Very Best of Nimoy/Shatner.

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Posted by: Ben the REAL Ben Sun Jan 12 04:48:52 2003

Well, this should appeal to your US readers!

Posted by: acb Sun Jan 12 04:59:03 2003

Please keep on topic, or else start your own blog.

Posted by: Graham Sun Jan 12 11:31:29 2003

Is he allowed to?

Posted by: acb Sun Jan 12 12:54:52 2003

He did a while ago (it was called Leviathan), before the frankenstein gangster computer god made his password stop working or something.

Posted by: Luke Sun Jan 12 23:38:27 2003

Hey. Ain't nothing wrong with Wesley Willis. He rocks a snow-leopard's ass.

Posted by: acb Mon Jan 13 04:45:54 2003

Ain't that true.

Did I mention that he's a big inspiration for an electroclash track I'm working on?

Posted by: FreeSurfer Thu Oct 30 02:33:48 2003

woww...i'm looking for mp3 from skat kat... see ya FreeSurfer >

Posted by: Felidae http:// Mon Feb 16 07:18:08 2004

I was wondering if you could help me :) I bought MC Skat Kat YEARS ago, and the CD got stolen a year or so later. Since then I have been unable to find another copy in my area, or even mp3's of it on the net. I have the original cover and everything, and i've been jonsing to here I ain't no kitty again :) ( As well as all the other fine musical triumphs on that album! ) is my email,

Posted by: acb Mon Feb 16 07:34:16 2004

Try looking on SoulSeek; you can find all sorts of odd stuff there.

Posted by: Fel http:// Mon Feb 16 07:41:33 2004

wow , found the whole album first search :) you rock. thanks!