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Rocking Prahrahran

An article from the Age about the resurgence of rock in the trendy clubbing precinct of Prahran. Venues best known for more types of house music than you probably knew existed are now putting on rock bands, because rock patrons drink more.

Of course, in the super-stylised $80-logo-T-shirt heartland of Prahrahran, the rock that's displacing some of the dance music is, as you might expect, the stylised back-to-basics rawk of The Strokes/Vines/Datsuns/whatever. There it's another label to wear; sort of like the "bogan rock nights" some club there had a while ago, where all the thirtysomething designers and advertising types put on their $120 designer-label flannelette shirts and went to get shitfaced to some Ackadacka with their fellow young professionals.

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Posted by: gjw Wed Jan 22 06:03:37 2003

The resurgence of dirty garage rock makes me think Adelaide missed out on an opportunity to be exposed as a "scene" in the mid-to-late 90's. The town was filled to the brim with the stuff, bands (Grudge, Blood Sucking Freaks), venues (Abbadon, Mad Love Bar), record labels (Dominator). Sadly, no-one noticed in time, and those bloody Vines stole the show.

Posted by: Graham Wed Jan 22 07:52:34 2003

I can't wait for the return of the ironic mullet...

Posted by: acb Wed Jan 22 08:01:22 2003

Didn't that happen a year or two ago?

Posted by: dj http:// Wed Jan 22 08:30:19 2003

$120 for a flanny, shit! You mean i can stick a 'designer' label on some of my old ones and flog them off for over $100?

Posted by: Graham Wed Jan 22 11:58:19 2003

Hmm, time to drag out my old purple and green number.

Posted by: alex Wed Jan 22 13:59:56 2003

I was wondering how much to charge for local sales of my 31337 yaz001 shirt. Thanks!