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Space shuttle disaster

Space shuttle Columbia explodes, killing all on board, much as happened in the Challenger disaster in 1986. The shuttle's crew did include the first-ever Israeli astronaut, a fighter pilot who bombed an Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981, and security was reportedly extremely tight around the mission. Terrorist involvement is considered unlikely. (I wonder if any terrorist groups will rush to claim credit for it anyway.)

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Posted by: Darren Mon Feb 3 06:42:36 2003

My sympathy goes to the friends and family of the American, Indian and Israeli astronauts lost in this terrible event. I do wonder though whether the response in the blogging community and media is in perspective? This week 7 were killed in a plane crash in East Timor, 8 were killed in a train crash in Australia and 40 in a train crash in Zimbabwe. Why does the shuttle tragedy (and it is one) generate so much attention and these others do not? Yes we should mourn the loss of these fine astronauts - but perhaps we should also try to keep some perspective. Just my observations - perhaps I'm wrong...??

Posted by: Graham Mon Feb 3 12:31:33 2003

You forgot the seven who died in an avalanche in Canada.

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