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I have finally gotten around to the copy of Iain Banks' The Crow Road I picked up in an Oxfam in Islington last year; on page 61, I found the following quote:
`I'll tell her for you if you like,' Droid offered (there is an entire generation of Andrews with the shared nickname of Droid, post Star Wars).

That's funny; there was rather a lot of Andrews around when I went to university (one reason I became referred to primarily by my initials and Andrew here became known as "cos"), but I don't recall any of them being called Droid. And these were computer science students, of all things.

There are 2 comments on "Droid":

Posted by: Graham Mon Feb 3 13:19:11 2003

Heh. My brother Andrew, who being one of the few people at ag college with glasses, but one of many Andrews, got dubbed "Dexter".

Posted by: Andy Gimblett Mon Feb 3 13:27:35 2003

My Mum's called me "Android" now and then for as long as I can remember.

My brother Colin was "Niloc".