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Doroty, bad beloved

Excerpts from a porn spam recently intercepted by my spam filter, allegedly from someone named "Doroty":
Subject: [ Greetings sugar Acb, I am Doroty, sexy sweetheart ]
Anyway I am online all the time come see me and we can chat.... I have a drip running down my leg already thinking about you.

A drip? Like a medical drip? I wonder if they're connected with those "Mortal Dance in Machine Ambulance" ambulance-fetish porn spammers out of Russia.

Best regards,
bad beloved.
This is not an UCE! This is a friendly bonus from Doroty.
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I suspect that the Ukrainian Mafia's porn spam operations need to work on their English a bit more.

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Posted by: mitch http:// Fri Feb 7 02:55:48 2003

This doesn't really belong here, but I wanted to post it somewhere:

"The lion's share of the expletives in Zhirinovsky's recorded statement was addressed to George W. Bush, who, the Russian deputy predicted, would end up in a Butyrskaya prison cell soon. Besides, the vice-speaker uttered unquotable expressions concerning Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, George Bush Sr., as well as threatening to send Australia to the ocean floor, and suggested that instead of bombing Iraq, America, together with Russia, should attack Tbilisi and Baku."