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Butterflies and Wheels

Via Peter's as always astute blog, Butterflies and Wheels, an online article site dedicated to fighting "fashionable nonsense", such as postmodernism, ideological denunciations of entire areas of research, ideologically-sound pseudoscience and the woolly-headed Freudian-Marxist claptrap that haunts institutions of higher education. Have a look at their glossary, for example.

There are 4 comments on "Butterflies and Wheels":

Posted by: gjw Fri Feb 7 23:48:45 2003

Brilliant website - this article ( examining Dawkins, Hamilton and the "Red Queen Process" is the best explaination I've yet seen for the existence of sex and altruism.

Posted by: Ritchie http:// Sat Feb 8 01:47:00 2003

This is good - I like 'devil's dictionaries' wherever they appear.

Posted by: hot soup girl Sat Feb 8 09:18:22 2003

"Human nature: Fantasy. Fictitious entity, like Santa Claus or the tooth fairy or the free lunch. Humans have no nature, only culture; we can learn to fly, or live in the ocean, or echolocate, or pick things up with our trunks, if we will only concentrate."

I love this.

Posted by: OB Sun Feb 23 00:31:25 2003

Glad you like it! Especially the human nature one. I did that, and I have to admit, it still makes me snicker.

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