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Valentine Jihad

A Valentine's Day card has caused a homeland security alert in Pittsburgh; the man who bought the card for his daughter noticed that it contained the word "Jihad", and the message "It's Time To Be Mine". Could Osama bin Laden be using Valentine's Day cards to communicate with his sleeper agents?

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Posted by: Ritchie http:// Thu Feb 13 12:25:55 2003

Wasn't Maxwell Smart's cover story that he was in the 'greeting card business'?

I wonder is Al-Quaeda operatives have been issued shoe-phones?

Posted by: acb Thu Feb 13 12:52:38 2003

Not sure about shoe-phones; though some of them have shoe-bombs.

Posted by: Ritchie http:// Fri Feb 14 05:03:00 2003

Actually, the way in which that plot failed was very Maxwell-Smart-esque - couldn't light the fuse because his palms were too sweaty, or something like that?