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Iraq media roundup

The Grauniad, a newspaper synonymous with right-on left-liberalism, on Murdoch editors' unanimity on the Iraq invasion, how every Murdoch paper from The Times to the Brisbane Courier-Mail is beating the drums of war, with varying degree of subtlety. And here are the 50 most ridiculous things about the upcoming war (via The Fix). And the Cleveland Scene has an amusing cartoon: The Muslim World: the average American's view (via Reenhead).

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Posted by: Ritchie http:// Mon Feb 17 07:20:36 2003

On the topic of funny cartoons, "Get your war on" ( is occasionally hilarious.

Posted by: gjw Mon Feb 17 08:34:42 2003

On the topic of Murdoch papers - I was completely suprised with the Adelaide Advertiser today. Front page: "100,000 SAY NO TO WAR". Plus a 2-page spread on the march inside. Plus two anti-war editorials. And every single "Letter to the Editor" was anti-war. A bit weird for a Murdoch paper? Maybe they're doing it to make sure everyone who attended the march buys one to frame.

Posted by: mark Mon Feb 17 12:42:32 2003

Seven News (Sydney edition) were like that, too, mentioning "record crowds" and suchlike. I think Seven News, and to a lesser extent Ten (who're probably further right) sway towards entertainment, and because the right-wing usually lends itself to such a cause better, they often end up being right-wing.

When something interesting happens that they can't ignore, they won't try to frame it in a "the public are stupid" fashion, but will actually admit that there's a groundswell of anti-war opinion.

Posted by: japolo Tue Feb 18 12:17:45 2003

Re: Average American's View Of The Middle East

Er. to paraphrase what Jon Stewart said on The Daily Show (comedy central, US-based cable channel), Americans wouldn't be able to tell you half of the countries on that map because "we haven't bombed them yet".