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"for operational reasons"

Coincidence or conspiracy? As anti-war protests took place in London, the city's webcams went dark "for operational reasons". Did Tony "the Smiler" Blair take a cue from his fictional counterpart and decide to eliminate unofficial accounts of events? Was it to allow Alastair Campbell to claim that only 12 people showed up, or perhaps to make any possible riot-police action justifiable as Bracks-style "self-defence"? Perhaps not; in fact, it may have something to do with Loony Left Red Ken's congestion charging starting today.

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Posted by: kstop Mon Feb 17 10:39:54 2003

The traffic cams in Dublin were switched off a few months back, for a protest outside the main city center police station about police brutality at a RTS march the previous week. (They took off their numbers and beat the shit out of the weedier kids.)

So we did it first!

Posted by: acb Mon Feb 17 10:42:22 2003

so they conveniently take cameras "down for maintenance" when they might need to bend the rules a little?

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