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Crimes against humanity

For the love of Ghod, no: Russian Mafia-manufactured pedo-porn-pop duo Tatu cover The Smiths' How Soon is Now (aka "the song with the same guitar line as Soho's Hippychick"). And all signs are that it can't possibly be anything other than utter pants.
Tatu's Julia Volkova told NME that she had never heard of The Smiths before being given the song to sing: "[The producers] just put it on for us and we decided it was worth a try. Frankly speaking, we hadn't known this group."

So we know it's going to be dire; the question is: will it be dire enough to appreciate in an ironic sense (like Pee Wee Ferris' commercial-dance version of Blue Monday), or will it just be shite?

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Posted by: Graham Tue Feb 18 01:13:07 2003

I mean, this whole Tatu thing is just silly.

Posted by: ogm Tue Feb 18 11:11:45 2003

It's not that it's a dire version so much as an *unnecessary* one. There's not even any sparkle in the gender confusion of 'schoolgirls' singing that they're the sons and the heirs.

Posted by: Graham Tue Feb 18 11:56:28 2003

Oh hang on, that's the /Charmed/ theme, isn't it?

Posted by: cat http:// Tue Feb 18 16:29:52 2003

have you actually heared it or are you basing your opinion on their reputation? i think it's pretty good, there's been way worse covers of how soon is now. whoever did the cover for the craft/charmed version and the lame psuedo-industrial drain the doves version. atleast tatu (or the creative direction behind them) bring something original to the song.