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Royal duty

New claims have emerged that the Queen Mother, who died in her sleep last year aged 101, was euthanased with a massive dose of heroin. It is claimed that she saw it as her duty to avoid dying at an inappropriate time (such as her daughter's jubilee), and thus elected to die a "mercy death" beforehand. Euthanasia is somewhat of a tradition in the British monarchy; the terminally ill George V. was euthanased with cocaine and morphine, so that his death would make the morning papers rather than the "less appropriate" evening ones. Nonetheless, royalists are outraged by the allegations. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are currently illegal in Britain, with terminally ill commoners forced to travel to places like Switzerland to die with dignity.

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Posted by: David Icke Tue Feb 18 12:58:26 2003

She was probably torn to pieces by the Queen and Princess Anne in their reptoid transformation flesh-eating orgy. This is how reptoids take over from a matriach who loses her power.

Posted by: Lyndon Larouche Wed Feb 19 01:57:17 2003

Icke is a disinformation agent, just like Thierry Meyssan!

Posted by: alex Wed Feb 19 07:03:18 2003

needs more David Ick-- wait a minute

Posted by: Snake Plissken Tue Feb 12 11:28:33 2013

"NEW This support forum is for good reptilians to come together in love and understanding of who they are. This is not about DNA, it is about the heart. Right now there is too much biased propaganda out there that paints all reptilians as malevolent and evil. All people welcome!"