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On the weekend, I heard a track by a band named Sneeze on the Empress Hotel's PA. (They were a sort of jangle-pop band signed to Half a Cow sometime in the 1990s, and sounded a bit like the Hummingbirds or Even As We Speak or somesuch.) I did a search for them on SoulSeek, but didn't find anything that looked like them. The search did, however, turn up a lot of sound effect files, with names like SNEEZE.WAV and sneezes male 02.mp3. Oh dear, I seem to have stumbled across some sort of parasexual fetish.

I also checked the Half a Cow website. Alas, Sneeze's 41 Songs In 47 Minutes is deleted. A rerelease is due in "late 2003", though. Interestingly enough, Swirl's The Last Unicorn, arguably the best Australian shoegazer album of all time, is still available (though the tracks are in a different order to my copy).

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Posted by: cat http:// Tue Feb 18 16:19:43 2003

"Oh dear, I seem to have stumbled across some sort of parasexual fetish"

or just people swapping sfx files for multimedia projects etc.

Posted by: acb Tue Feb 18 16:32:08 2003

Yes, but that's not quite as amusing now, is it?

Posted by: Peter Wed Feb 19 00:58:13 2003

Sneeze is a band featuring both Nic Dalton (Half-a-Cow head honcho man and ex-bassplayer with Lemonheads as well as band-slut-in-extremis (Plunderers, Godstar, Ratcat, Hummingbirds...)) and Tom Morgan ((co-)writer of many of Evan Dando/Lemonheads' greatest hits, also in various other bands with Nic Dalton, Smudge, etc etc)... Quite a "big" indie band I guess...