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Soviet synths

Museum of Soviet synthesizers; lots of info about various analogue synthesizers and drum machines (some conventional-looking and some weird) built in the old USSR; has photos, details and some sound samples.

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Posted by: alex Fri Feb 21 16:49:24 2003

they made some great C=64 and amstrad clones as well. In Mother Russia, 8-bit computers reverse-engineer you! Google for it, you know you want it.

Posted by: Graham Fri Feb 21 23:12:08 2003

Yeah, I think Jimi Tenor was pretty keen on some of these...

Posted by: acb Sat Feb 22 03:21:43 2003

From the MeFi thread:

"Nifty. Stereolab could have used some of those, what with all the retro-futurist Marxism and all."