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I stopped by PolyEster today and picked up the last Sneeze album, Lost The Spirit To Rock & Roll. The cover artwork is pretty doovy; the album itself, however, is not what I was expecting. It sounds nothing like the jangle-pop of their earlier stuff, and instead goes on a soul/gospel kick, with the singer trying to sound like Otis Redding or someone (and pulling it off reasonably well, even if the faux-American diction is a bit irritating). Not really my cup of tea; however, some of the songs (which have titles like "Too Much Man To Be My Woman", or "Deaf Girl, Dumb Guy, Blind Love") are amusing enough to possibly end up in DJ sets.

(Speaking of DJ sets, if anybody here knows of a smallish, living-roomy venue in inner-north Melbourne interested in hosting a regular music night (indie pop, a bit of electronica and a few oddities here and there), let me know. Especially if they have Guinness on tap.)

Anyway, I'm still waiting for Sneeze's earlier 41 Songs in 47 Minutes, which is due in a order, along with Happy Supply's Crucial Cuts. (Their web site suggested that they had it in stock, but I'm beginning to have my doubts.)

(Speaking of things I'm waiting for, the UPS people tell me that my Archos Jukebox Recorder will arrive on Monday.)

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Posted by: Ben http:// Fri Feb 28 04:51:38 2003

They don't have Guinness on tap, but Good Morning Captain is certainly living-room sized.

Posted by: acb Fri Feb 28 05:21:47 2003

They were my first choice. I asked Andy, and he said they're planning a DJ night already.

The sort of thing I was thinking of would be something like Bowlie Nite ( ), an indie night I went to in London. Small room (under a pub in their case), DJs spinning various things, but not too loud to talk with friends.

Posted by: Graham Fri Feb 28 07:48:55 2003

Guinness makes you fat. Ask Syd Barrett...