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Tension, apprehension and dissension have begun

An article looking at the phenomenon of earworms, or pieces of music which get stuck in one's head and resist removal.
Stuck song syndrome annoyed, frustrated, and irritated women significantly more than men. And earworm attacks were more frequent -- and lasted longer -- for musicians and music lovers. Slightly neurotic people also seemed to suffer more. Kellaris hasn't yet found a cure. Women are more likely to try to get rid of the offending ditties. Men are just as likely to do nothing as to fight their earworms.

Unfortunately, the good doctor has not yet found a surefire way of stopping the bastards; though some folk cures include using another song to dislodge it, or trying to complete the song (breaking the loop). (via 1.0)

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Posted by: John Mon Mar 3 20:13:44 2003

The most serious case I've had of this was after watching the ( Tunak Tun video. Daler is something else. The runner up is Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega.

Posted by: Graham Mon Mar 3 23:22:41 2003

TMBG songs are bad for this. And I once had that rotating motif from "A Huge Evergrowing Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld" go though my head for an hour during a maths exam...

Posted by: deej http:// Tue Mar 4 05:37:34 2003

And then, there is the dreaded.................Popcorn :D

Posted by: acb Tue Mar 4 05:40:53 2003

I'll see your Popcorn and raise you a Smurf Song.

"La, la, lala la la, la, lala la la..."

Posted by: Alex http:// Tue Mar 4 07:26:18 2003

Axel F. by Harold Faltermeyer > Popcorn

Bassline from Gargamel's Theme > Smurfs Theme

I'm sure there's some Lovecraftian solution for L-s K-tch-p, involving conjuring up a lesser demon lest a greater demon conjure up something stronger ...

Posted by: hot soup girl Tue Mar 4 11:43:40 2003

Well, as someone who's had 'Columbus' by the Church running through her head for the past fourteen hours, I can relate.

I'm also a strong believer in the mini-medley of Roy Orbison songs. Works a treat. Perhaps I should go try that now...

Posted by: dj http:// Wed Mar 5 06:53:23 2003

Does anyone else have the ability to 'call up' songs into their heads? Is that what 'makes' musicians? The other day i had the bass element of 'Brown Paper Bag' in my head for a few hours. Much better than Popcorn or THE SMURFS SONG! Agree about the bass line of Gargamel, very catchy and it always leads to THE SMURFS SONG!

Posted by: acb Wed Mar 5 07:15:15 2003

I can't remember what the Gargamel bass line sounds like; but one part of me is thinking: "Gargamel Dub".

I can sometimes call up melodies in my head (sometimes without trying), but as Lovecraft once said, "do not call up that which you cannot put down". Therein lies the rub.

Posted by: Graham Wed Mar 5 08:47:39 2003

You know, the bit in the theme where he goes "I hate smurfs!" (Azrael meows) "I'll get you, I'll get ALL OF You!"

Posted by: dj http:// Wed Mar 5 14:30:27 2003

A crude approximation -

Daaa, da da da, daa, da-da.


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