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Ah yes; the Architecture in Helsinki gig last night was good. They played most of the songs off Fingers Crossed, including a longer version of One Heavy February with actual vocals. (That song will undoubtedly be an enigma to those who haven't seen them live.) They also had an assortment of hand-made merchandise, including a surfeit of button badges. (For AUP10, you could get a set of badges of Macintosh icon renderings of all the band's members; though I just got the two "Fingers Crossed" badges.)

(The support set by Ninetynine rocked hard, but you knew I was going to say that. And the dance number by those two birds with funny wigs and party poppers was somewhat amusing, in an art-schoolish post-ironic-hipster-kitsch sort of way; well, what I could make out of it over the heads of the crowd from the front of the other stage.)

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Posted by: Mike Stuchbery http:// Sat Mar 8 11:18:08 2003

Yeah, I was over your side, though luckily I had a bit of a height advantage (Pity the two tiny lasses in front of me)- i desperately want to find the piece of music the Town Bikes did their first number, with the poppers and the dildos, etc.

Posted by: acb Sat Mar 8 12:37:45 2003

Dildos? I didn't see any dildos.

Wouldn't it have been Serge Gainsbourg or something like that?

Posted by: Mike Stuchbery http:// Sun Mar 9 01:48:19 2003

Yeah, they were those dolphin-tipped-doovy-dildo thingies.

Right, the search begins...

Posted by: acb Sun Mar 9 02:33:05 2003

Let me know what you find.

Posted by: cya http:// Wed Mar 12 08:20:24 2003

The first number from the Town Bikes set was Comic Strip by Serge Gainsbourg.

I think the second bit was from a Richard Simmons video (Shudder)

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