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Contiki, a modern multitasking OS/GUI/web browser which runs on an unmodified Commodore 64 (and doesn't need any helper software on another machine either). And they've ported it to a number of other 8-bit platforms, such as the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Apple ][ and the VIC-20. (Wait a minute, VIC-20???) (via Slashdot)

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Posted by: gjw Tue Mar 11 04:22:32 2003

The author has some other interesting projects as well, like Miniweb: - allegedly a working web server and TCP/IP stack in 30 bytes of RAM! Writing small, highly efficient programs is a lost art and it good to see it carried on. I do wonder, however, how the web browser in Contiki works when most web pages out there have more than 64k of data just in the text.

Posted by: Graham Tue Mar 11 06:03:17 2003

The VIC-20??? Wurg. I've had blog entries that'd max out that thing's memory.

Posted by: Alex http:// Tue Mar 11 12:38:09 2003

o/` o/` Are You Keeping Up With The Commodore? Because The Commodore Is Keeping Up With You! o/` o/` mmm

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