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Harry Potter of Sverdlovsk

Russian politician changes name to Harry Potter to win more votes. He has stood unsuccessfully in past elections, but hopes that his heroic new name will turn his luck around, perhaps even giving him the presidency eventually. They certainly do things differently in Russia; the best Australia can do in this vein was to have a politician named Stone change his name to Aussie-Stone (presumably back when ballot papers were in alphabetical order). (via bOING bOING)

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Posted by: Bowie Sat Mar 15 10:55:24 2003

I think the guy that changed his name to "ABOLISH CHILD SUPPORT AND FAMILY COURT" would be my wacko polly of the century vote.

Posted by: acb Sat Mar 15 13:15:01 2003

Ah yes, him.

Wonder if he's connected with the Blackshirts, or whether they're independent groups of grudge-bearing nutjobs?

Posted by: Ben Sat Mar 15 13:21:41 2003

You're forgetting those cornerstones of the Dumocractic process, Mr Ban Child Support And Hang The Family Court and the fellow in Tasmania who was prevented from standing when he changed his name to Mr Informal.

Posted by: Ben Sat Mar 15 13:23:02 2003

Sorry, should read peoples posts before I reply to them I suppose. There are a few Marijuana campaigners who have changed their names to things like 'Mr Legalise Marijuana' etc., but none of them have ever 'got their shit together' enough to have any chance of getting elected. Even in Byron Bay.

Posted by: Hobartian Fri Nov 21 05:01:12 2008

Informal, though prevented from standing for the Tasmanian lower house of Parliament in 1992, did stand for Parliament (unsuccessfully, of course) in 1996 and 1998. Informal has recorded political songs (for example, "Comrade Lennon" and {the Devil Lives on My Street" on former premiers Paul Lennon and Ray Groom) which are available on the web.

Posted by: Marc Aussie-Stone Wed Oct 28 12:29:47 2009

Thank you for your kind mention of my Political campaigning. May I clear up some thoughts and perhaps misunderstandings as to why I changed my name from Stone to Aussie-Stone. If you are proud of your Country and if you are concerned about public pronouncements being made by the Prime Minister of the Day to the extent that you are motivated to say something, then why wouldn't you, when you first stand best identify yourself with our/this great country of Australia. That is why I changed by name to an abbreviation of Australia to "Aussie"-Stone. I believe in Australia, I love Australia, I am proud to be an Australian, and it just so happens that the first letter of the name of our great country happens to be "A". Since that time there has been much speculation as to why I changed my name with many Journalists who never bothered to ask me first, stating that I did it to get first on the Ballot Paper and thereby secure the Donkey Vote. God forbid it that one would ever pursue a Donkey Vote.

Posted by: Marc Aussie-Stone Wed Oct 28 12:38:03 2009

My apologies for providing the incorrect URL above.

It should be for Politics for politics

And for my humanitarian works be

And for my Innovation works be

Posted by: Marc Aussie-Stone Wed Oct 28 12:47:47 2009

It seems the blue on this site web references for me don't take you to my site. But if you cut and paste the web URLs into your browser entry line they will definitely do that. Thank you. And my best regards to you. Marc Aussie-Stone