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A kinder, gentler death penalty

Who says the Chinese government is unconcerned with human rights? In the Yunnan province, China is equipping its courts with mobile execution vans, replacing the traditional bullet in the back of the head, seen by many as barbaric, with the "civilised" and "humane" execution method of lethal injection. They even had the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences design a kinder, gentler lethal drug, putting China at the forefront of the humane death penalty. Beat that, Florida.

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Posted by: Stacis Sun Mar 16 08:11:58 2003

Mobile execution vans sound stellar. I cannot see something being developed without an American hand in it. Ummm... I know we just met and all but uhhhh... I was wondering if you might be able to maybe know perhaps where I could possibly get one of these mobile execution vans? See, I've got this kid, great girl, diabolic as a rabbit's nutsack. She would just die if I got her one of these execution vans (no pun intended). What? No, its for the girl stupid. Not for me! How dare you suggest!! Ooooooh, when I get my van....

Posted by: Graham Sun Mar 16 12:07:34 2003

Squeals on Wheels!