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They can have their damn Statue!

Via our regular correspondent Lisa, Give It Back, a US petition to give the goddamn Statue of Liberty back to the French.

It's probably a good idea; the Statue of Liberty doesn't really represent the core values of Bush's America. Though what would be a good replacement for it? I was thinking of a gigantic constructivist statue of an eagle, or perhaps something like the statue outside the Ministry of Information building in Brazil? They could call it the Statue of Total Information Awareness or something.

And here's another page, who want a statue of Ronald Reagan put in its place. (Does this remind anybody of the Colossus of Yorba Linda Society from Illuminatus!? I wonder if a misanthropic dwarf is behind all this...)

And then there are these nutjobs who object to San Francisco containing 'Franc' in its name. Though why not rename it to Norton City, after its most famous citizen (and a US imperialist to shame all others, to boot)?

There are 3 comments on "They can have their damn Statue!":

Posted by: Graham Thu Mar 20 23:08:13 2003

Americans are full of shit, I've decided.

Posted by: Graham Thu Mar 20 23:32:20 2003

Actually, it looks like they're taking the piss. My bad. Americans and irony, together at last!

Posted by: acb Fri Mar 21 00:11:01 2003

The second one is a pisstake; the first one the jury's still out on.