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Is Salam Real?

Salam Pax: real Iraqi blogger or CIA/Mossad psy-op? This guy thinks he's real, citing traceroute info and email headers. Mind you, how do we know he isn't a disinformation agent as well?

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Posted by: Ritchie http:// Fri Mar 21 13:36:32 2003

This discussion has kinda been done to death already on Dear Raed. If a CIA/Mossad psy-op, he seems remarkably anti-war. If an Iraqi Ba'ath agent, he seems remarkably anti-Saddam. Maybe he works for the French :)

Posted by: acb Fri Mar 21 14:37:30 2003

Mind you, any proper psy-op (and Microsoft astroturf campaigns don't count) wouldn't just parrot the propaganda line of its sponsors, but would speak mostly truth or credible propaganda from who it's meant to be, with the odd strategically placed nugget of disinformation, whose power is magnified by its prior credibility.

I believe that's how WW2 Nazi disinformation agent William "Lord Haw Haw" Joyce's radio station operated; mostly credible/verifiable information with elements of disinformation/spin to demoralise the Allies.

Posted by: acb Sat Mar 22 04:12:31 2003

Another case that Salam is real.

Posted by: Graham Sat Mar 22 05:57:49 2003

Well, if people can blog from Albury, why not Baghdad?

Posted by: acb Sat Mar 22 12:30:13 2003

Well, Saddam's secret police are a bit more anal about these things than the Albury one.