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For those reading this up in Sydney, I just heard that the mighty Ninetynine will be in town tomorrow (Saturday) night, playing at some place called the Spanish Club. No idea where that is, I'm afraid. Though if you can't make it, word is they're doing a gig at the Hopetoun in a month's time or so.

Apparently they'll also have a new website up and running in a few weeks, run by some guy in England. Hopefully this one will actually be up to date.

(I went to their gig at the Tote tonight, which was quite doovy (despite a minor sound problem during The Cleaner); they played a rocking rendition of Wöekenender as an encore. Though it seems they're not any closer to giving the new song a proper name. And DJ Low Sperm Count's DJ set wasn't too bad, in an electro-hiphop-meets-trashy-pop sort of way. Oh, and Tatu don't sound as dire as I feared. (I suppose having Trevor Horn on board made the difference.))

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Posted by: Ben Sun Mar 23 00:51:02 2003

Hey - I am the DJ, I am what I play... you left before I span the Tatu Smiths cover. It sounds silly at normal listening volume, but for some reason works a treat on the dancefloor.

Posted by: acb Sun Mar 23 05:28:05 2003

Well, my sister and her boyfriend (with whom I was getting a lift home) were tired and didn't want to hang around.

Posted by: Luke Sun Mar 23 10:58:56 2003

So of course I read this on Sunday. I'll check them out when they're at the Hoey or wherever, I s'pose...

Posted by: acb Sun Mar 23 14:35:15 2003

Or find a copy of The Process and give it a listen (it's distributed by FMR, and should be available all over Australia). Don't bother with their prior albums; they're nowhere near as good, and besides which, you can get them for $10ea at gigs. (Though Anatomy of Distance has an interesting Black Sabbath cover, and 180 and 767 also have a few good tracks.)

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