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Happy Happy Birthday To Me

These records seem to be the most exceedingly twee thing in the history of recorded music. Judging by the packaging alone (handmade covers drawn by elementary school children, or pictures of smiling blob-shaped ponies carved out of brightly-coloured foam), they make Architecture in Helsinki look like Burzum or someone by comparison; and that's not even getting into the music. Some may find this a bit too much (it probably is), though if the present state of the world is making you feel sick, you could probably do worse than lock yourself in a well-lit pastel-coloured room with a good supply of Prozac and the MP3s on the page set to repeat. (via Largehearted Boy)

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Posted by: Luke Sun Mar 23 10:57:16 2003

Hmm. Though it's not following the rest of the page's aesthetic, I seem to remember that The Gwens' album was not too bad when I had it for review about a year ago. I can't say it's risen to the top of my playlist, but it was certainly worthwhile...

Posted by: acb Sun Mar 23 13:33:44 2003

There may be something by them on the Kindercore 50 compilation CD, a collection of singularly unimpressive garage-pop noodlings from what I remember (only listened to it once, mind you).