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Queer findings

A Canadian researcher has found that the more older brothers a boy has, the more likely he is to be gay. It's not clear what the causal factors are, but the implications are quite peculiar. If it holds true, then (a) there were more gay men in the past (when people had larger families) than there are now, and (b) conservative religious subcultures, which encourage large families, may have more homosexuals among them than secular liberal society.

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Posted by: Miss Mea-Mea Fri Mar 28 16:15:22 2003

My father's grandmother was one of six kids. Out of the four boys, three of them were gay.

Make of that what you will:)

Posted by: billy http:// Sun Mar 30 19:16:01 2003

I have 2 cousins that are brothers and they are both gay. I caught them fucking.

Posted by: ingthib Mon Mar 31 05:44:18 2003

It's a pity Billy (above) isn't gay, then he could go fuck himself!

Posted by: acb Mon Mar 31 06:11:01 2003

I think he quite enjoys putting on his redneck hick persona and trolling blog comments. Right now, he's probably somewhere in recounting the weekend's monster truck rally or something.

Posted by: Graham Mon Mar 31 08:58:19 2003


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