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"Je suis support Saddam"

Apparently US/French relations are rotten on both sides of the Atlantic: with a Times (i.e., Murdoch) poll showing that 1 in 3 French is barracking for Saddam, presumably just to spite the Freedom-Toast-eating conquest monkeys and the ancient Anglo-Saxon foe. Which is probably not too unlike in concept all those Scottish/Welsh/Irish football fans who support "whoever's playing against England". (via MeFi)

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Posted by: Jillian Wed Apr 2 06:02:05 2003

"j'appuie saddam" might be a better way to say it. good effort on the translation though!

Posted by: acb Wed Apr 2 06:42:05 2003

It's all Babelfish's work. I forgot most of the French that was forced down my throat in high school (not the optimal way of learning a language).

Posted by: Libre Penseur http:// Wed Apr 2 11:26:34 2003

How can you trust Murdoch pieces of shit. 1/3 are surely not supporting Sadam... even if US gave him the martyr's role (what a enormous strategic mistake) but for sure now, Muslim people will support Sadam against what is really see like COLONISATION (if it's not, what is it?)

Posted by: TrrriP http:// Wed Apr 2 12:22:38 2003

Maybe one should read Murdoch source :,9687,314889,00.html?query=sondage&query2=&booleen=et&num_page=1&auteur=&dans=dansarticle&periode=30&ordre=pertinence&debutjour=&debutmois=&debutannee=&finjour=&finmois=&finannee=&G_NBARCHIVES=769+078

Spoiler :

Un tiers d'entre eux seulement (34 %) répondent que, dans ce conflit, ils se sentent " plutôt du côté des Etats-Unis et des Anglais" et ce pourcentage est systématiquement inférieur à la majorité, même chez les sympathisants de droite (44 %) et chez les plus âgés (47 % chez les plus de 70 ans). A l'inverse, un quart des sondés se déclarent " plutôt du côté de l'Irak" et jusqu'à 30 % chez les moins de 35 ans. Enfin, 31 % des personnes interrogées disent ne se sentir proches d'aucun des deux camps et 10 % ne se prononcent pas.

Posted by: acb Wed Apr 2 12:58:51 2003

Ah. My French isn't what it used to be (not that it ever was all that good), but it certainly looks a lot less sensational than The Times' take on it. And I thought that Murdoch's broadsheets wouldn't be quite as unashamedly propagandistic as the Hun and FauxNews; silly me.

Posted by: Ben Laden Wed Apr 2 15:09:28 2003

Well, don't forget a relatively high proportion of the French these days are from North Africa and the middle east (something like 10%), and the rest of them tend to be pretty cosmopolitan.

There was an interesting interview with a middle eastern journalist the other day who pointed out that people in the middle east are turning on their TVs and they see a major arab capital being bombarded for no particularly discernable reason and the western media is trying to put across that it's for their own good and that they should be greatful to be bombed.

Posted by: Jillian Wed Apr 2 15:30:28 2003

After reading the little French quote up there, what is originally written is way off...

The important parts of it are:

Based on a survey with a 34% response rate...

1/3 OF RESPONDANTS are more on the side of US/British Forces

1/4 OF RESPONDANTS says they are more on the side of Iraq - 35% of these people are under age 35 so they don't even represent the majority of the French population.

Over 40% picked no side.

I think you would find survey results like that all over the world. There is nothing shocking about it at all...

Posted by: Jillian http:// Wed Apr 2 15:31:42 2003

Let me backtrack... that doesn't read 34% reponse rate... it's 34% support the US/Brits.

Posted by: trrrriP http:// Wed Apr 2 17:00:12 2003

Sorry for the French inflicted, acb : by these days, I wouldn't dare to translate by myself anything from my country's newspapers into English.

Another clue to get : "Le Monde" is far from being considered as the unbiased information source it used to be, even by its readers.

Posted by: yvette http:// Thu Apr 3 04:26:05 2003

as a french person, I can tell you that me and most of the people that I know make a big difference between support Irak and support Sadddam . As I make a big difference between the american people and the bush administration .

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