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DJ Gurnin Spacecase rides again

Ah yes; I will be DJing this Friday night at the Dandelion Wine benefit gig, at the Cue Bar on Brunswick St. What to expect: indie, shoegazer, post-punk, a bit of electronica and a few weird things thrown in for good measure. Anyway, it's for a good cause (Dandelion Wine's airfare to some music festival or other in Romania).

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Posted by: Ben Wed Apr 2 15:03:29 2003

What time do you start? What time does the whole business kick off? I'll be at the 2600 meeting beforehand but I might drop by on my way home.

Posted by: cnwb Wed Apr 2 23:27:25 2003

Going primal on da vinyl? Spastic on da plastic?

Posted by: Graham Thu Apr 3 00:54:07 2003

Bustin' out phat shiznit on the wheels of steel? Werd.

Posted by: acb Thu Apr 3 04:18:08 2003

The wheels of polycarbonate, more like it. Well, that and a MP3 player.

Posted by: cnwb Thu Apr 3 04:41:36 2003

Are you limiting yrself to 8.5" lathe-cuts from Kerguelen Islands drill-n-bass outfits?

Posted by: acb Thu Apr 3 05:24:31 2003

Strangely enough, no. Though I'll see what I can dig up.

Posted by: Graham Thu Apr 3 13:00:39 2003

Play that Missy Elliott/Joy Division that's driving everyone who listens to RRR bonkers (in a bad way...). See if you make it out the door alive...

Posted by: acb Thu Apr 3 14:42:57 2003

Don't have that one. And probably don't want it.

I could always play Pee Wee Ferris' commercial-dance take on Blue Monday.

Posted by: Graham Thu Apr 3 15:16:07 2003

It's by that Dsico guy who did the electro Smells Like Teen Spirit thing. It's quite good, actually.

Besides, the Monkey theme might go down better...

Posted by: cnwb Thu Apr 3 23:11:13 2003

Are we going through a bootleg-remix revival already? Baudrillard was semi-right when he said we won't experience the year 2000. It's 2003 now and 2002 is retro-cool.

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