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Some amusing recent search-engine referrals to this blog: "how to make a device to smoke marijuana" (wouldn't it make more sense to smoke it yourself?), "crack and cubase" (question: "name two addictive substances", perhaps?)

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Posted by: Jillian Sun Apr 6 01:10:08 2003

ah man I love referal stats... so amusing... but at least you don't get anything involving the words "nude" "underage" and "fuck".

Posted by: acb Sun Apr 6 07:14:30 2003

Who says I don't? I just don't post about those ones.

Posted by: Jillian http:// Mon Apr 7 00:49:27 2003

well come on, quit leaving out the good stuff!

Posted by: gjw Mon Apr 7 02:32:36 2003

Jillian, the problem is (as I've discovered myself), that if you mention disturbing search requests, your site will become more relevant in regards to those terms and you'll get even MORE people visiting looking for "nude underage fuck". Positive feedback. I try and keep my search engine fun here:

Posted by: acb Mon Apr 7 03:19:36 2003

Also, after seeing hundreds of search referrals looking for the same fetishes or genres of pornography, they cease to be amusing.

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