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High Weirdness by MP3

Someone named April Winchell has an impressive awe-inspiring collection of unbelievably bizarre MP3s; from Christian Hygienist educational recordings to Hindi covers of ABBA, from TV celebrities' ill-advised attempts at singing to outsider art. Nice... I may have to grab some of those for my next DJ set. The only thing she seems to be missing is the Blind Man's Penis song. (via MeFi)

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Posted by: Reen http:// Tue Apr 8 16:45:20 2003

If you could set the "Her Vagina" song to a swinging bassa nova back beat, I would pay you a dollar.

Posted by: Hot Soup Girl Wed Apr 9 03:53:44 2003

Sweet Jesus. I was led to this site last night (also by MeFi) and spent hours downloading gems of weirdness.

May I recommend the Hebrew Muppets themesong, Helen Gurley Brown's nuggets of advice to the lovelorn, and Alan Rickman's peculiar spoken word piece. Plus, so many celebrity covers! This is the motherlode of glorious audio crapness (the only thing missing is Norman Gunston singing Delilah from Nylon Degrees).

Oh, and it's down for the moment, for refurbishing. *sigh*