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Dispatch from East America

In what could be a further sign of strained relations between Airstrip One and the cheese-eating surrender monkeys, Britain's Chancellor Gordon Brown announces plans to adopt US-style economic policies, moving away from the inefficiency of Eurosocialism, whilst promising to maintain a third way, tempering laissez-faire zero-friction capitalism with some degree of "social justice".

Could we be witnessing the start of the breakdown of Britain's membership in the EU? Commentators have been suggesting for a while that Britain has more culturally in common with Calvinist/capitalist America than with the wine-drinking, bureaucracy-choked welfare states of Europe, with some suggesting that Britain would belong more within the United States than in the EU.

(Hypothetical scenario: if Britain was to leave the EU and join the United States, how could the arrangement be made to work? Would England, Wales and Scotland be three states, would they be divided into smaller states, or would the U.S. federation have to be reengineered to accommodate the larger entities? What would the major issues of contention be?)

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Posted by: tony Thu Apr 10 13:20:31 2003

Hypothetical scenario #2: if Britain was to leave the EU and join the United States it may be possible that the US would be admitted into the Commonwealth and rob Australia of 100's of medals at each Commonwealth Games meeting. That's NOT on and John Howard would launch pre-emptive strikes against sport training facilities in the US and the UK (the facilities in the latter being non-existant but a 25 metre pool and a home gym will count as a fair target)

Posted by: Wollu Thu Apr 10 13:28:34 2003

What exactly is the motor of capitalism? Greed? Is there any difference between bueraucracy in europe and bueraucracy in the u.s.? Why do most u.s. citizen think, that the other 5.75 billions humans on this planet are all wrong? Tell me why.

Posted by: Graham Thu Apr 10 13:33:51 2003

Let's not forget that a good swathe of the world's most dastardry corporations are European-based.