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Rockbox 2.0

Ah yes; the long awaited 2.0 release of Rockbox (that's the enhanced open-source firmware for the Archos Jukebox MP3 player/recorder units) is out. This update adds MP3 recording (so you don't need to boot the rather pedestrian Archos firmware), file queueing, playlist creation, allegedly improved battery life and charging, various sound enhancements (fade in/out on start/end, pitch changing and stereo wide/narrow/karaoke modes), and numerous other minor enhancements. If you have a compatible device, grab it; you probably won't be disappointed.

There are 3 comments on "Rockbox 2.0":

Posted by: Ben B Tue Apr 15 23:21:25 2003

But are you playing Doom on it?

Posted by: acb Wed Apr 16 04:33:24 2003

That was an April Fool's joke, I think. (Though it may not be too implausible, if one can squeeze that out of the unit's 12MHz CPU.)

Apparently version 2.3 of the firmware is slated to have plug-in modules, allowing third-party programs/games/utilities to be added to it without recompiling the whole thing.

Posted by: Rico http:// Wed Apr 16 23:58:59 2003

Works like a charm. Thanks for the tip. My Archos was lame, now it walks. The Tetris is very old skool.

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