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Extended adolescence on Brunswick St.

You know Brunswick St. is past its use-by date when the funky alternative clothing and bauble shops start opening childrenswear shops. The funky kids who hung out there in years gone by, back when it was "cool" and "alternative", are now in their 30s, married, mortgaged and with children of their own, and so the groovy boutiques have moved with the times and opened babywear boutiques, and the cycle continues. Though it makes one wonder what kids whose parents dressed them in Brunswick St. alternative clothes from the day they were born will do when they reach adolescence and need to individuate themselves.

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Posted by: dj http:// Mon Apr 28 05:57:19 2003

They will take to the streets in flanellette dressing gowns and wellingtons!

Posted by: Graham Mon Apr 28 09:17:55 2003

Hence the Datsuns.