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Move Your RRRs

Not that long after Melbourne community radio station PBS-FM was forced out of yuppified St Kilda, it's 3RRR's turn to move. 3RRR's lease on its Fitzroy premises (right off the trendy Brunswick St. latte strip) is coming to an end, and the landlord has told them to move on. They're hoping to find a place in "Fitzroy, Collingwood or Carlton", though with the yuppification of inner-city areas, that sounds a bit optimistic. An industrial park in Lalor or Thomastown or somewhere sounds more likely. Or they could always look around Footscray; it's becoming trendy, but still grimy enough to be cheap.

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Posted by: gjw Mon May 5 12:24:32 2003

Interesting, 3D Radio in Adelaide has been facing similar problems - apprently their converted house in Stepney was provided to them by the Payneham council - who may want it back for redevelopment of the site.

Posted by: CNWB Wed May 7 00:41:45 2003

C'mon, who listens to community radio anymore. That's all like old commies n' ferals n' stuff isn't it? Nova is the new Future Sound Of Fitzroy. Don't you watch <i>Secret Life...</i>

Posted by: CNWB Wed May 7 00:42:52 2003

Oops, sorry for the markup.

Posted by: acb Wed May 7 03:40:24 2003

Nova does fit in with the new commercial Brunswick St. more; I doubt that any of the patrons of Bimbo Deluxe could even tell you how to find RRR or PBS.

Posted by: Ben Laden Wed May 7 12:41:23 2003

Most of the drug-addled program producers probably couldn't tell you where it is after about 1 pm.

Posted by: David Tiley http:// Wed May 7 12:54:16 2003

swine!!!! love your radio station. evil cynical whippersnappers. have you no sense of the past? seriously tho, folks, it is worth remembering that RRR and its volunteers and audiences changed the cultural landscape and music of melbourne. and it may well do that again....