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The root password to civil rights is "god"

More proof that Tony Blair is not any sort of progressive or liberal: Britain's Labour Party is planning to introduce legislation allowing employers with a "religious ethos" to sack gay/lesbian employees, and legalising discrimination against atheists. The law was meant to give protection to gays and outlaw discrimination, in line with an EU directive, but were watered down after a directive "from the highest level". Critics claim that this will allow any employer owned by a personally religious entrepreneur to discriminate freely. (via MeFi)

What is this man doing leading the Labour Party?

There are 3 comments on "The root password to civil rights is "god"":

Posted by: CNWB Sun May 11 23:15:21 2003

Next they'll be declaring homophobia a religion.

Posted by: dj http:// Mon May 12 01:17:21 2003

There's always been plenty of Christians in the labour and socialist movements, who have a very paternalistic attitude towards 'the workers'. Then you have your Catholic Worker and Ploughshares types, but they tend not to be interested in becoming Prime Minister.

Posted by: Ben Mon May 12 02:53:25 2003

There was a case here in Victoria a few years back, where a business run by some Plymouth Brethren was refusing to hire union members because they considered Trade Unionism to be Ungodly in some obscure way. Not surprisingly they lost.

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