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It's ghetto-fabulous!

Nike release Black Liberation shoes. The shoes, undoubtedly sewn by the nimble fingers of children in south-east Asian sweatshops, bear the green, black and red Black Liberation flag of Marcus Garvey, originally a symbol of afrocentric nationalism and the struggle for justice, but since devolved into a hip-hop fashion statement/status symbol whose meaning is about as confrontational and controversial as "feeling good about yourself", or perhaps "just do it".
Remember when a lot of rappers suddenly started wearing those sweatbands with the red, black, and green colors? Everybody from Jay-Z to Lil Wayne was sporting them, then everybody else. Funny how no one bothered to discuss what the colors mean or who Marcus Garvey was or anything even remotely having to do with liberation. And now, instead of forking over a few dollars for a wristband, unsuspecting consumers will be spending three figures on some sneakers. Open your eyes y'all. We're getting pimped.

Wonder how long until we see white suburban kids wearing the green, black and red with their Fubu/DaDa thug jackets, perhaps justifying to themselves that their adolescent hormonal rebellion against their unhip parents mirrors the black revolutionary struggle against Whitey or something. (via Die Puny Humans)

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