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In Oregon, "unlawful labelling of a sound recording" is legally defined as terrorism, punishable by a 25 year mandatory minimum prison sentence. Other terrorist acts include blocking traffic (there goes Critical Mass/Reclaim The Streets), school walkouts and unlawful recording of a live performance. (via NWD)

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Posted by: gjw Fri May 23 12:51:28 2003

Hmm, Oregon was one of the few US states that I thought it might be alright to live in...

Posted by: Hobbes http:// Fri May 23 13:39:06 2003

To be sure, this is something of a concern, but a lot of very silly bills don't get passed -- a number even dwarfing the large number of silly bills that do get passed.

Since basically anyone can propose a bill, and the article didn't say this was passed by the senate and was on the way to the house, I wouldn't be to quick to judge the whole state.

Posted by: Zed Fri May 23 17:57:54 2003

Does the unlawful labelling have to be done in Oregon? 'cause otherwise, I look forward to them bringing down the RIAA for trying to frustrate P2P file swappers by distributing misnamed chaff.

Posted by: Ben Sat May 24 13:57:39 2003

Alex Jones has been carrying on about this for months, particularly the bit which (apparently) leads to being sent to a Chinese labour camp for 25 years.

Posted by: Globular Cluster http:// Thu May 29 08:01:09 2003

This article is total BS. The purpose of the bill is to add terrorism to already existing list of crimes such as the mentioned.

Posted by: mitch http:// Thu May 29 08:49:55 2003

Various people, mostly making the same point as the previous poster, with a guest appearance by ancestral cypherpunk Tim May:

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