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Gig taping tips

Tips for recording live music gigs with the Archos Jukebox Recorder:
  1. Don't bother with the internal microphone, unless you like having the sound of hard-disk noise over the top of the recording every few minutes (perhaps if you're doing lo-fi glitch electronica or some form of sound-art it could add to the overall ambience). Yes, it's convenient, but it's also useless for anything other than voice notes and the like.
  2. As the Archos doesn't have a pre-amped microphone socket, you'll need an external preamp. The only pocket-sized battery-operated one I've seen that doesn't cost an arm and a leg comes with the Archos stereo microphone, so get that.
  3. Once you've got the Archos stereo microphone, throw out the cheap dynamic microphone that comes with it and, in its stead, plug a decent-quality condenser microphone into the preamp. Otherwise, no matter how you adjust the gain, anything recorded in a band venue will be distorted horribly.

I recently got the Archos microphone/preamp combo in the mail, and decided to test it this weekend. I tried recording last night's Ninetynine gig with the dynamic tie-clip microphone that came with the preamp, and ended up with a horribly distorted, and ultimately unlistenable, 60Mb MP3 file. This evening, I went to the Bidston Moss gig with the Sony stereo microphone I bought some years ago for my old MiniDisc and the recording came out sounding surprisingly good.

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Posted by: hippogriff http:// Mon Jun 2 17:30:14 2003

hi do you do trades ? i videoed ninetynine in london in 2000... the sound quality isn't the best. also have a few other live bootleg vids.

Posted by: jc http:// Thu Jul 24 01:12:42 2003

can I get a 30 second sample of a life recording to hear what I might buy?

Posted by: acb Fri Jul 25 16:03:39 2003

Um, I don't actually sell anything.