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Jarvis goes goth?

Oh dear, oh dear, what has Jarvis Cocker been up to? It looks like he's going around calling himself Darren Spooner and trying to be Rob Zombie or someone. No idea what his new band sounds like, though perhaps they should do a cover of Pulp's Master of the Universe; given that he looks like Skeletor, anyway. (thanks to Lauren for the heads-up)

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Posted by: kstop Tue Jun 10 09:29:13 2003

More Jarvis goes *back to* goth...

Posted by: Benjamin http:// Tue Jun 10 10:04:15 2003

Oh dear, that makeup was awful

Posted by: acb Tue Jun 10 10:06:43 2003

Back? How so? Pulp's early electro-pop material wasn't particularly goth (not even in Depeche Mode territory). Or was he in a bad Bauhaus-knockoff band in his school days or something?

Posted by: Graham Tue Jun 10 12:09:29 2003


Posted by: gjw Wed Jun 11 01:11:05 2003

Oh my gawd, that's probably the most shocking thing i've seen in six months. And we've had a war in that time.

I always thought "Arabicus Pulp" were pretty gothic/post-punk in their early, pre-1987 days. Find the song "Aborigine" for an example.

Posted by: gjw Wed Jun 11 03:27:49 2003

(actually, "Aborigine" is probably a bad example. Check out the "It" or "Freaks" albums, anyway.

Posted by: Luke Fri Jun 13 02:59:41 2003

It's a so-so song. Fluxblog's had it up for a while - nothing spectacular, really. ( - check the June 5th entry for a link which may still work.) I wasn't particularly impressed, at any rate.

Posted by: chris http:// Thu Nov 20 03:11:22 2003

I think some of the 80's Pulp material is pretty goth. It reminds me a bit of Joy Division, Bauhaus and Nick Cave. I'm a goth myself and believe me, Jarvis has got the body and the features lots of goths would only dream of.

Posted by: acb Thu Nov 20 03:37:23 2003

Which Pulp material do you mean? Before Countdown/Death Goes To The Disco/My Legendary Girlfriend?