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Photogenic fish

Discovery of the day: aquarium fish are fascinated by cameras.

I was at Volare in Brunswick St., and noticed an aquarium full of large orange fish. As large orange fish suspended in water make good objects to photograph, I took out my camera. As I approached, the fish flocked to the lens. Whenever I moved the camera up or down to get different angles, the fish would immediately swarm towards the lens. It seemed that the cheeky little buggers loved having their pictures taken.

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Posted by: Josh Thu Jun 12 20:16:42 2003

Cool pics nonetheless. I made one of them wallpaper. :)

Posted by: CNWB Fri Jun 13 00:13:07 2003

I also recently discovered this little Brunswick Street gem. My favourite is the huge pleco (aka Suckermouth Catfish). I have one a tiny one at home (about the length of a matchstick), but these huge ones are great.

Posted by: gjw Fri Jun 13 00:13:43 2003

Yeah, you do make the best wallpaper. I've had the Melbourne autumn leaves on my desktop for weeks now.

Posted by: mark Fri Jun 13 02:07:32 2003

Utterly fawesome!

Posted by: Graham Fri Jun 13 12:49:24 2003

Arrrgh! It's going to eat me! Run away! Run away!

Posted by: Ben the REAL Ben Sun Jun 15 01:29:51 2003

Did you read this article about fish porn? Can't find it now but it was one of the most viewed articles at the age yesterday.