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High weirdness by MP3

365 Days gives you a different piece of audio bulldada each day, in convenient MP3 format. This includes gems like "Religion for Retarded", a 1970s-vintage guide to picking up girls in clothes shops, a found piece of dada titled Leper in a Tumbledryer, Louis Farrakhan singing a calypso song about a sex change operation and Elvis Casio (if there ever are two words that, when combined, promise endless ironic kitsch, they would be "Elvis" and "Casio"), as well as numerous thrift-store finds, religious recordings, vintage ads and miscellaneous bits of weird audio. Not to mention some quite doovy incidental artwork.

There are 2 comments on "High weirdness by MP3":

Posted by: CNWB Tue Jun 17 06:56:50 2003

I've downloaded heaps of files from 365 Days. The best ones I've found are Understanding Marx, Major Tom, and Time Of My Life (by Two Unknown Girls).

Posted by: gjw Wed Jun 18 11:53:12 2003

This looks brilliant. wget-ing the lot right now for later enjoyment.

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